My Gratitude Project

The month of October is my time to focus on gratitude this year. 

It began by accident. A rare trip to a bookshop ((and to think I use to go to one almost daily)). I was with one of my sons ((also a now very rare event)) who was getting a book when I noticed The Magic

It made me think of what I hear parents say to their children: What are the magic words? 
To which all good children quickly replay: Please and Thank you. 
Well...We can hope. 

So on October 2nd, 2013, I began reading The Magic. Quickly I determined to do all 28 days of work. 

You see back in 2007 I bought and began reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne about the law of attraction. I read it, however, I couldn't really grasp it. 

So I read it over and over again until I slow began to understand, until I began to see it working as I began to change my thinking. The law of attraction is how we ended moving to Puerto Rico and living right on the edge of the ocean. Even though I was still struggling to understand the law of attraction at that point.

I've come to believe that changing our thinking can be as difficult as quitting smoking.
Some people make the decision and Bam! they quit just like that. 
Others quit and start..quit and start. 
Others talk about quitting but never more beyond the talk. 
Then there are those who struggle through the quitting process and daily make the decision not to smoke. Soon begin smoke-free becomes their new normal.

I'm learning that gratitude is like that as well. It is a daily, situation by situation decision. Before getting into this book, The Magic, I thought I was a grateful person. Now I am seeing just how much I have to learn.

As I journey along I want to share quotes, thoughts and bits & pieces. It will help me and hopefully inspire others.