A Daily Sketchbook Challenge

I have begun a new ritual to help me achieve my desire to make create art that I love.

The ritual is to daily create a page in my sketchbook and to post it on Instagram. Then on Sunday I will post a grid here of the week's work. 

I opted to go for a 103 day challenge. This will take me to December 31, 2105 when I can decide if I want to commit to a full year in 2016. I hope it will also give me the visual I need to see if I am making the process I desire.

Some observations from my first week:
* I don't like sharing a photo of a page that I don't like!
* I need to use the daily pages to experiment, but some forethought isn't a bad thing.
* A bad something is still better than a blank nothing.
* I enjoy staging my daily photo.
* I liked making the grid and seeing the week in review. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and hope.

An article by Karen Walrond that I read in August has helped me take this step. Karen shared the power of taking your goal and creating an associated ritual to help you achieve that goal.
It fleshed out my belief that it is important to focus on solutions instead of getting stuck on the problems. 

For years now I've kept sketchbooks that I doodle and create in.

Last week I pulled some of them out and flipped through the last two years.

I realized while looking through the sketchbooks that I haven't made progress that way I had hoped to.

Maybe some of that is because I use a gazillion different sketchbooks depending upon what medium I will be using, where I am at and what I happen to have on hand. Plus, I found that I rarely date my sketchbook work unlike my journals.

My sketchbooks are the only place I make art at this point. A part of me longs to go bigger...to experiment outside the sketchbook...to grab a canvas or huge sheet of watercolor paper and go for it. 

For now I'm hoping that this ritual will expand my view and work and create many more goals and rituals in the days to come.