Practicing Stillness

An unexpected aspect of focusing on my 2015 word show-up has been finding stillness. I've discovered a simplicity, a mental quietness, a sense of doing what I am suppose to be doing when I focus on show-up

Still Forest kk_prairies.jpg

While in the mountains at the coffee farm there was a moment of stillness as I framed a mental photo in the sunshine. A deep breathe, a quietness. I felt gratitude. And as I looked through the trees I noticed a lake way below. I almost missed it.

I am learning that showing up is more than my action of being there. Sometimes it is about being still and letting things show up for me. I showed up for the day trip. I showed up for the hike up the mountain. But the gift of this view from the mountain top showed up for was a gift to me that would've been missed if I hadn't stopped and just been still for a moment.

When I was fourteen I had a home economics teacher, Mrs. Stanley. I liked her. One day she pulled me aside and in her very quiet, gentle manner told me that I must learn to "be still." At that point I didn't understand what she meant or have a clue on how to "be still." But boy, was she spot on. It has stuck with me for almost 40 years. 

And so Kim Klassen's class,  Be Still - 52 seemed a perfect way to inspire and challenge me in my love for photography and life and desire to continue to practice stillness.

I used Kim's Prairies LR preset on my photo.