A Feather

I have a favorite feather. It is tiny. Only an inch and a half tall. 

My son Jonathan gave it to me in October while we were on a walk. He found it earlier in the day and tucked it away in his wallet for me. 

The gift is precious to me.
It was thoughtful.
He knew it would be special to me. I have a fairly new thing for feathers.

Since he gave it to me I've been thinking about gifts...the ones we give and the ones we receive. 

What made this gift special was simply that he thought of me.
He saw it and picked it up for me.
It was the act that means the most. The tiny feather just reminds me of him and what he did.
Each time I see that tiny feather on my bookshelf stuck into a little sand dollar I think of him and that day...
I remember exactly where we were. It is now a memory. 

Maybe that is the heart of gift giving.
The act, the gift is to remind us of the love, the appreciation, the kindness done, the help given....
It is a token whose value can might only be seen and understood by the giver and the receiver. 

#NaBloPoMo Day 3