My great plans to get back to writing here on a regular basis have failed terribly. It has caused me look at why I even want to write here. I don't have answers yet, but I want them.

Maybe it is that I have loved this space, in its different forms since I began in 2006, and I love the idea of continuing on. But maybe it is time to let that idea old jeans that no longer fit.


In order to figure it out I've decided to jump in with both feet, reach high and see if this space still fits me.

My sister Patty and I have joined NaBloPoMo over at BlogHer to see if we can get back to writing on our blogs.
NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Post Month. It is simple: post daily. 

My goal is November 5th to December 5th, 2015. 

31 posts.

I don't care what I post...words, photos, quotes.
I just want to see if I can do it and if I still want to do it. 

Is anyone else participating in NaBloPoMo? I'd love to hear from you and cheer you along!

#NaBloPoMo Day 1