Trading Treasures

A new friend on Instagram liked my art; I liked her Washington state sand dollars. She suggested we do a trade. 


Dani's sand dollars on my sketchbook

Dani's sand dollars on my sketchbook

I've thought a lot about why I agreed to do the trade. I have LOTS of sand dollars...too many really. But I didn't do the trade for the sand dollars (even though they are beautiful and so different from our Puerto Rico ones). 

I did the trade to challenge myself; to put myself way outside my comfort zone. I love making art in my sketchbooks and to hang on my studio walls. I even like using it to make cards... but to send it out "there" somewhere? Scary stuff.

I decided not to rip out a page from my sketchbook but to make a large piece just for her. It drove me to get it done. And it felt great to put it into the mail and wait. They came as I was walking out the condo's front door for a two week trip in October. I took them along with me.

I've had so much fun with these little Washington beauties! Especially with my new OlloClip macro lens for my iPhone.

They remind me of old fashion soda crackers. I love the dark ones. LOVE them!

Aren't they stunning?

Do any of you remember the Swopper's column in the Yankee Magazine? 
It was a classified page for unusual objects. "I have ten sand dollars. What have you?"  The column was discontinued in 2013 after about 74 years. I always loved it.