Missed Moments

This morning I woke craving the morning sun. I couldn't wait to get out for a walk.
I almost skipped breakfast...Almost. But I didn't.

And that was my mistake.

From that point on it got crazy...a text came in that sent me to my email...One email led to another...
My To-Do list kept growing longer instead of getting shorter. 
Too many days the past six weeks spent on the road...too many things pressing to get done.

You know how it goes...It happens to us all.

The next thing I knew the sun was gone.
Rain clouds moved in quickly, and it rained and rained.
I figured the rain would move on and soon the sun would return.
But it didn't work that way today. 
The sun never returned.

All day I worked at my computer in my swimsuit and cover-up. All day I longed for the sun.
I could've gone out and walked in the rain on the beach...but it wasn't the walk I woke up craving. 
It was the sun, and I missed it.

I let the immediate overshadow the important. 
It was a productive day. I'm very grateful for all that I accomplished. 
But I still missed out on what was important to me today...the sunshine. 

Seize the day...Seize the moments.
When something is important and continues to come to mind...STOP with the excuses...the wanting to get one more thing done. STOP and go do it...before it is too late.