Week Two in My Sketchbook

I continue to love the challenge of doing a daily page in my sketchbook! One day it was the last thing I did before falling asleep, but that sense of, "I got it done." was worth the tired effort.

This week I have simpy focused on showing up on the page. Some pieces I like and some I don't, and somehow that is no longer a distraction me. Each day I turn to a new page and move forward. 

The other challenge I am embracing is to show my work daily on Instagram. I've been on IG for multiple years now and enjoy the community. It has become a place of encouragement, inspiration, and resources. 

September 27th's page has created some fun for me through Instagram. Someone in Washington state who collects sand dollars suggested we trade...some of her WA sand dollars for a piece of my art. How fun is that? This is a first for me, and I am excited.

 I could've printed off a page from my sketchbook or just ripped a page out. Instead I took it as a new step forward and began a larger 8x10 piece. Today I am putting the finishing details on it and sending it off tomorrow. Can't wait!

This week I also had some printer fun. I have a Canon Pro-100 and am using Red River 5.25" square 60lb. polar matte cards. On a whim I printed off some of my sketchbook page photos and I love the results! 

Anyone want to exchange a handwritten note? 

I hope you have a good  week...do something that you love.